More on rebuilding after the tsunami

20 Feb

A little while ago I posted an article that made an analogy between Haiti, just days after great swathes of its urban infrastructure was devastated by an earthquake leaving hundreds of thousands dead, and the tsunami of 2004, that did much the same to even wider swathes of southeast Asia. I referred to an article I’d seen in the New York Times describing some very positive outcomes with the large amounts of foreign aid that came rushing in as people around the world empathized with the victims of the tsunami. Today however I came across a fascinatingly tragic photo essay in The Guardian showing another place in southern India where such aid has gone terribly wrong.

Could something similar happen to Haiti? Maybe not. But does it show that those most affected by natural disaster must direct the way international funding is used? I think so.

(And for those interested, the best information I’ve seen on what is still going on in Haiti can be found at Mark Turner’s excellent blog, Dispatches from a Fragile Island. Please check it out.)


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