If the Gulf of Mexico oil spill makes you sick–

9 Jun

This will make you sicker. 

The photo was taken in Nigeria by flickr photog Microwave. I’ve added it to this article  by the The Guardian’s John Vidal, which is about Nigeria, where just 1 per cent of the population enjoys the money brought in by 80 per cent of its vast oil revenues. 

 At the same time, I’m hugely frustrated by the muddled media coverage of the Gulf oil spill. How is it possible that people are complaining about the laggardly attempts to plug the spill and a moratorium on more drilling — at the same time?  Why is it turning into a partisan political point-wining contest? 

Honestly. Read the Vidal article — then buy a bike, or take the bus.

We have to stop thinking that fossil fuel extraction is some kind of normal, neutral, non-destructive practice. It isn’t.


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