Zatoun- Extra Virgin and Fair Trade

11 Aug


Zatoun comes from the Arabic word for 'olive'


Sometimes my husband gets a little carried away at the supermarket. He buys something that appeals to his sense of novelty or curiosity, not minding much about the price. I’m the one who minds about the price.

So yesterday my eyebrows rose when I noticed that the bottle of olive oil he dropped into our shopping cart cost twenty bucks.

But taking a closer look I see that this is indeed something novel – olive oil from Palestine called zatoun. Extra virgin and fair trade.

It’s marketed by Palestine Peace Awareness, an organization that helps farmers, replants olive groves, promotes peace and sets up arts and education programs for young people. Now that’s a lot of good in one bottle

I won’t go into my personal conviction that two secular states where people of all religious beliefs can flourish as much as the beautiful olive trees so often destroyed by the occupation might be one way to end the conflict in the Middle East. Or dwell on the terrible waste in lives, land and resources that conflict has brought about for so many decades now. Instead I’ll just take this opportunity to congratulate the makers of Zatoun and wish them good luck in their efforts to, as they put it, “open an opportunity for North Americans to experience another people’s everyday but precarious life.”


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