There’s something about the printed word…

26 Mar

With E-books, i-books, blogs and Wikipedia; on-line newspapers from around the globe, websites offering links to dozens more like rows of doughnuts, and an entire universe of  images, music and videos, (some intriguing, some utter dross,) I have to admit: I love the Internet.  I think the possibility of people everywhere expressing themselves and encouraging their creativity by posting what they do and publishing their work is just the genesis of an entirely new way of communicating our ideas among ourselves.  Having recently seen this quote from British artist Tracey Emin, “What if I am illiterate?” I still have the right to a voice,” in Dubravka’s Ugresic’s book ‘Thank You For Not Reading,’ I have to ask: Can we even imagine what this capability will allow in just 20 years?

And yet there is something about hearing a sentence like, “As soon as the CIP arrives, your book will go to press,” that provokes a certain thrill. Or, “Copies are due to be shipped from the printer on May 2. ” It’s a sensation that even the Internet’s ventilatory and self-publishing possibilities can never quite match. Actually holding your work, by then a solid, rectangular object, in your hands is also pretty wonderful.

So let’s not forget about the physical publishing world just yet. It may manufacture more  best-seller trash than a Chinese plastic toy company does for McDonalds’s, but the Internet is no different in that sense. And it may have been around since Gutenberg first printed his bible, but that doesn’t diminish the appeal, the way the printed word that’s actually still a printed word seems to magically connects us to not only imaginary worlds but the material one at the same time.

So yes, if you click below you’ll see the cover of my upcoming book, the one I’ve been alluding to since first setting up The Global Kiosk.

Broke But Unbroken-jacket-v1


One Response to “There’s something about the printed word…”

  1. Deb March 26, 2011 at 3:31 pm #

    Congratulations Augusta – can’t wait to read it! Wish I could be in TO to help you celebrate ….

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