The Year Begins with a Song …

10 Jan

My first blog post of the new year, 2012, arrives rather late — although I do have some justification. One example of that is the fact that I am getting ready to go to Haiti for three weeks to begin research for my next book. Naturally this has me nervous and stressed and excited and curious — all at the same time. My greatest fear is that I will arrive in Port au Prince to find that something very useful and basic has been forgotten and left behind, as I searched for people to look after the stray cat that has adopted our house as his home after many years on the street, or started contacting people who have either written about Haiti or are working there — or tried to finish one last article for the Globe and Mail.

So while there are all kinds of things I’d like to write about, I haven’t had time to think about any one of them too much.

That means that today’s posting is pretty simple. Visitors to the Global Kiosk might recall a previous posting about a wonderful and unique effort on the part of an organization called The Voice Project to support communities in northern Uganda bring home children, kidnapped and abused by the nefarious and utterly evil Lord’s Resistance Army.

Last month I tried to make a donation to TVP only to find that without a United States credit card this wasn’t possible. I waited until a recent trip to New York to ask an American resident there to do this for me, only to find that Hey! The site has been fixed to accept donations from other countries!

I think this is great news and want to let others know that if you are in Canada, or the U.K., you can easily make a donation to this incredible effort — one that is working. (The Acholi language songs created by bereft mothers are being spread through small radio stations in bordering countries, bringing home ever larger numbers of young people, who say they knew it was safe to run away and come back home thanks to these poignant messages from afar.)

So have another look at The Voice Project website. Check out the covers sung by great artists of songs they like. And click on the ‘Donate’ banner to send a few dollars their way, so that community-managed projects supported by your generosity can provide these refugees from horror new livelihoods and new lives.


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