Broke But Unbroken: Now Out in Cyberback!

20 Nov

Yes! Read!

Yes, my book is now available for downloading, something that makes me think about the physical change to the centuries-old medium of paper bound in handy pages between something sturdy with a nice design that is still what I can’t help think of as a book. That said, and being the kind of person who prefers to get paper-bound copies of  favourite books because they’re lighter, I can’t help but wonder about the future of “cloth-bound” volumes. Who still buys these heavy and expensive things just to read once and at most lend to a friend or family member? Will these actually disappear someday?

At any rate, I am happy to know that Broke but Unbroken is now something that anyone interested can easily keep on a reader or iPad, and even make notes or underline in different colours all over its pages. (Maybe this will eventually stop the strange habit I’ve notice of people underlining passage in borrowed library books: what is the point of that exactly?)

I’ve already had a look at my book on iBooks, and still like the look of its faux cardboard cover, and hope many more people will now have the chance to get their own copy.


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