Environmentally Responsible Design Interlude

24 Jan

And now, as bit of a break from what I usually write about, here is a post and a kudos to family friend Emiliano Godoy. Not only is he an incredibly talented young designer, but he’s committed to using only ethically and environmentally sustainable material in everything his company, Pirwi, makes.

When I did an article about him a few years ago for a newspaper in Mexico, he told me about some of the challenges he faced in finding what he needed — from resins to varnishes to cotton thread — for his beautifully designed furniture like the screen below.


And he’s shown that beauty and creativity  don’t have to play second fiddle to caring about the earth. He lives and works in Mexico City, which is in itself a daily lesson to what happens when we take our natural surroundings for granted.

Now he has turned his hand to designing entire interiors, like this one. It’s been done for one of my favourite museums, the Santo Domingo former church and monastery in Oaxaca. With its amazing gardens deigned by artist Pablo Toledo, the Santo Domingo would, on its own, be enough of a reason to make a trip to that city, although really, there is no shortage of justifications — especially for anyone who loves art. And eating.

Photo: Romina Hierro

Photo: Romina Hierro

With the world the way it is, sometimes we just need a little loveliness and symmetry in our lives.


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