Wherein I Admit to a Weak Spot when it comes to dogs…

8 Nov

Yesterday my friend C. showed up at my place after a trip to Indonesia bearing gifts! Among them, this bag.


She was given it while taking a walk and happening upon some people and a couple of dogs doing awareness and fund raising, reaching into her pocket and giving them all the rupiahs she had on her at the time.

The logo got me doing some research with my computer and learning a bit more about BARC — Bali Dog Adoption and Rehabilitation Centre. It was set up eight years ago by an Australian woman named Linda Buller and has already come to the rescue of thousands of dogs. Yes, it relies a lot on ex-pats. But I like the way it does its best to educate and involve local people,  even though the sympathy we feel for downtrodden animals is pretty much a First World phenomenon ( this wonderful quote from Gandhi — “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated” — not withstanding.)

I know what it’s like to feel terrible about the sight of mistreated dogs and puppies, having rescued a bunch of them in Mexico City over the years.

Pepe was adopted by a young couple and is now a vegan dog,
Pepe was adopted by a young couple and is now a vegan dog,

td1otono 034

Every dog I’ve ever picked up and taken home has been far more grateful for the attention and kindness, I’ve noticed, than the food and medical care.

So if you have time, take a look at BARC’s website.

And if you think our concern for animal welfare is misplaced, don’t forget that they have been playing an enormous role in making our lives better since pre-historic times — and that a dog will give up its life, instinctively and unquestioningly, to save that of its master. That’s how much they love us.

Photo by Dey via Collective Commons

Photo by Dey via Collective Commons


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