“But politics is not the only aspect of aid to come under Dwyer’s thoughtful scrutiny. She considers celebrity aid, volunteerism, altruism and the actual harm many aid projects have wreaked…” Brian Bethune, Macleans

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“… this is truly a wonderful and powerful book.”

— Annette Desmarais, Associate Professor, International Studies program, University of Regina

“Dwyer’s book found a welcome home in my back pocket, baptized by Northwest rain. An independent journalist, Dwyer traveled to Brazil, Indonesia, India and Argentina to track their grassroots movements’ impacts on the global community.”

— Devan Schwartz, Street News Service

In Broke but Unbroken, journalist Augusta Dwyer takes us on an inspiring journey through the slums and villages of Brazil, Indonesia, India and Argentina as she meets with organizers from some of the most successful grassroots social movements struggling against poverty. These organizers are not representatives from NGOs or aid organizations based in developed nations but the poor themselves — people who know intimately the reality of struggling for land, food, housing and the right to control their own resources and means of production. It is these movements, built from the ground up by the very people affected by poverty, that have achieved the most successes in ameliorating the conditions of the poor and providing real solutions to global poverty.

As we travel with Dwyer through rural and urban landscapes, too often devastated by the demands of development, we meet people who have risked their homes, families and even their lives to affect real change in the world. The stories they share so openly and warmly are not merely accounts of economic or political success but are stories of empowerment and hope that dramatically portray the potency of collective action.

In the beautiful prose of an accomplished writer, this book introduces us to extraordinary grassroots movements — and encourages us to learn the lessons they offer about successfully challenging power and changing the world.”

—From Fernwood Publishing

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On the Line

On the Line is a thorough and moving piece of investigative reporting by Canadian journalist Augusta Dwyer. It is difficult to imagine how even those readers without a particular existing interest in Mexico could read this book without feeling a sense of fierce indignation about what is happening to Mexicans on both sides of ‘the line’ – the 2,000-mile long US-Mexican border. That sense of indignation bears witness to the shrewdness displayed by the Latin America Bureau in selecting books for publication that will further their aim of promoting public understanding of issues of social and economic justice in Latin America.”

—Ann Varley in the Journal of Development Studies

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Into The Amazon

“Dwyer conjures up the world of the rain forest without the benefit of the lush color photos that mark many books on the Amazon. A freelance journalist based in Brazil, she chronicles her journeys in the region with a reporter’s eye for pithy details and a poetic touch.”

—Publishers Weekly

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